Songwriters From Here And Away

Artists from Atlantic Canada and around the World.

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Sunday 4:00 pm 5:00 pm

Robert Campbell is the host of this is a cross genre, cross gender, cross country, cross planet inclusive show featuring all original music in the songwriters original voice. We focus on the ‘acoustic’ side of things but get a little crunchy sometimes, too.

We host and record concerts and have one-on-one as well as the audience doing the interviews. We also share studio track shows of new releases.We love recording the live shows and host them in the Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada region so if ou are ever in the area, let’s connect. Maybe we can see you at a live show!! Remote artists we may do as a Zoom concert & interview but we always try for the best sound we can muster.

Our interviews often dig in to what matters to the artist, how they write, and maybe more importantly, why they write. We dig in to their views on current situations, as well as what matters most to them. We want to see the ‘inner workings’ and what inspires them, what aggravates them and what they really feel.

If you have an artist for us to look in to, please let us know! Always looking for new songwriters from around the world.

Songwriters From Here And Away

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