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The Peace On Drugs

Exploring Drug Policy, Recovery, and Transformative Healing

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Friday 3:00 pm 5:00 pm

Welcome to The Peace on Drugs with Aaron Akulis, a captivating podcast that dives deep into the complexities of drug policy, addiction, recovery, and transformative healing. Join host Aaron Akulis, a passionate advocate and seasoned expert in the field, as he navigates the nuances of these topics, engaging with a diverse array of guests, including experts, activists, and individuals with lived experiences.

The Peace on Drugs offers an enlightening and compassionate exploration of drug policy from a fresh perspective. With a focus on harm reduction, social justice, and progressive solutions, Akulis challenges traditional narratives surrounding drug use and addiction. Through compelling interviews, personal stories, and thought-provoking discussions, the podcast provides listeners with valuable insights into the human side of drug policy.

The conversations on The Peace on Drugs go beyond the surface, delving into the root causes of addiction and examining the social, political, and economic factors that perpetuate the cycle of substance abuse. Akulis and his guests unpack the complexities of drug policy, critically analyzing the impacts of criminalization, stigmatization, and systemic inequalities on individuals and communities.

A central theme of the podcast is recovery and transformative healing. The Peace on Drugs showcases inspiring stories of resilience and personal growth, highlighting the diverse paths individuals take to reclaim their lives after struggling with addiction. Akulis explores evidence-based practices, innovative treatment approaches, and community-based initiatives that foster healing, hope, and long-term recovery.

The Peace on Drugs also examines the importance of harm reduction strategies, emphasizing the need for compassionate and pragmatic approaches to support individuals who use drugs. Through open and honest conversations, the podcast challenges the societal stigma surrounding drug use, advocating for policies and practices that prioritize public health, safety, and individual dignity.

Aaron Akulis brings his expertise, empathy, and personal experiences to each episode, creating a safe space for open dialogue and genuine connections. The Peace on Drugs invites listeners to engage with diverse perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding for those affected by addiction and the complexities of drug policy.

Whether you are directly impacted by addiction, a concerned citizen seeking to understand the nuances of drug policy, or an advocate for transformative change, The Peace on Drugs offers a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and hope. Through meaningful conversations and a commitment to social justice, this podcast provides a platform for exploring the profound impact of drug policy and the potential for transformative healing and peace.

Join Aaron Akulis on The Peace on Drugs as he navigates the often misunderstood world of drug policy, recovery, and transformative healing. Through honest conversations and a commitment to compassion, this podcast seeks to empower listeners and contribute to the movement for progressive change in drug policy and addiction recovery.

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