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The Science of How Thoughts Become Things

todayNovember 9, 2022

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“Anger is only disappointed love.” 

Today on Coup Save America, Sean is joined by Australian author and inspirer, Barry Nicolaou, to tell us about the science of creative visualization. When it comes to understanding and respecting one another, Barry is a proponent of practicing gratitude and finding “commonality” with others, whether it’s in agreement or disagreement. He teaches us that how we think reflects what occurs in our lives, and that we have more influence on what happens than we realize. Barry shares tips on how to change our way of thinking and his 6 Steps to Achieving Results. After the immense success of his first book, an international bestseller on Amazon, Barry will be releasing a new book in February of 2023 – Move the Mountain

Other topics of conversation include Einstein, the Blue Zone in the Mediterranean, and how thoughts influence the quarks inside atoms.     

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