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It’s a longstanding tactic – If you want to pass a policy, weaponize the children!

We are joined today by Alex Clark, the CEO of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, to talk about vaping – one of the most effective ways to quit smoking tobacco.  

First up, Alex and Sean compare their personal stories about overcoming a smoking addiction by using electronic cigarettes. Over the course of the show, Alex teaches us the mechanics of vaping, debunks the many myths about vaping, and explains the harm reduction potential of vaping. Alex does not promote vaping as “harmless.” There ARE unknowns and possible health issues with vaping, but not nearly at the levels of harm associated with smoking. He explains the FDA-approved science that backs up the safety of vaping, and he talks about the hysteria drummed up by anti-vaping campaigns, and how so many associations mislead the public and spread irresponsible lies about vaping. There are real ways to dissuade kids from falling into the actual dangers of smokeless nicotine products.

Alex dissects the complicated regulations that have throttled the innovation of individuals and have handed the vaping industry over to incumbent tobacco companies. Then we learn that, very surprisingly, big tobacco companies are on the right side of the battle when it comes to promoting vaping and steering the public in the direction of smokeless tobacco products. Listen to find out why there is some good coming from corporate evil.

Alex reveals that 95% of the safe vaping products now on the market are being sold in noncompliance with federal law. Listen to find out the reasons why these laws are not being enforced, plus learn the many reasons why the liquid flavors that are so often banned actually contribute to protecting a vapor’s health.

To conclude, Alex speculates on what’s next in the agenda against vaping and tells us how we can best contribute to the cause. Listen until the end of the show to find out the “fact” in Sean’s monologue that was very, very wrong! 

Other topics include: Theatre fog, nicotine pouches, the formaldehyde challenge, Pink Lung Brigade, the heroes and villains of vaping, and the status of vaping in other countries around the world.

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