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The Politics of the Green Party

todayOctober 30, 2023 2

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Are American voters suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

Today on Coup Save America, we are delighted to speak with Christina Khalil, future senator of New Jersey. Christina overcame her disadvantaged childhood to become a social scientist, with a B.A. in psychology and a master’s degree in social work. She is ready to give even more of herself in a campaign for a senate seat, as she runs to lower taxes, end the failed war on drugs, amend the 13th amendment, provide clean water to every resident of this country, redesign immigration, universal healthcare, and so much more, in her goal to rebuild the world through common sense legislation. Christina Khalil is truly grassroots and a genuine candidate of the people. In her own words, “I am running to rebuild trust in politics and start the generation of healing.”

Christina first shares with us her struggles to establish her campaign in New Jersey, “the hub of corruption.” She talks about her departure from the centrist and insular Democratic Party to the Green Party, where her ideas were embraced and respected. Christina and Sean discuss how the only way to uplift our communities and rebuild our country is to separate corporate interests from politics. We need actual solutions rather than just Band-Aids on problems.

They move on to discuss the privatization of prisons in New Jersey and beyond, the failed War on Drugs, how legislature in New Jersey changed non-profit organizations to “pay for service”, why only rich people are worthy of rehab programs, barriers to (professionals) seeking treatment for addiction and mental health disorders, and ways to tackle police brutality at its roots. Listen to find out why Christina thinks Americans are like cattle in a slaughterhouse, and why she is against abortion.

Sean and Christina also contemplate the power of the American people striking, how RFK could shine a light on corruption in the Democratic Party, plus they wonder if Cornell West’s departure from the ticket will weaken the Green Party. 

Christina talks about her plans to create trust when it comes to medicine, sharing how the FDA only just approved a non-mRNA covid vaccine that has existed since all the other vaccines came out.

Finally, Christina shares her life story of growing up in foster care and how nobody thought she would survive to adulthood, let alone go to college. She tells us how she managed to achieve an education being homeless and having no family and few available resources. Christina also describes the positive aspects of the youth center she was placed in as a teenager.

“I never thought I’d have a life like this. I want to give this kind of life to everyone.”

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