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The Politics of January 6th

todaySeptember 26, 2023 2

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Step One, Storm the Capital. Step Two, America is saved!  Let’s take a closer look at the events of January 6, 2021. 

Today on Coup Save America, we are joined by history teacher Ben Hamilton, founder of the Chasing History Project. Ben was present as a neutral observer during the infamous invasion of the capital building in Washington DC, and he interviewed many of the key players. He is the author of the book Sorry Guys, We Stormed the Capital: Eyewitness Accounts of January 6th

What really happened at the capital that day? Why did it happen and what does it mean? In his conversation with Sean, Ben shares his observations and the opinions he formed “fresh out of the building” before the participants’ motivations were misinterpreted and the narratives were rewritten. The main point of this interview is that ACCURACY MATTERS. Lies are not okay, even if it feels like the lies are accomplishing good things, so Ben is justifiably critical of the media companies that capitalized on the iconic photos from January 6th and did not tell the truth about events. In a quote his book, we live in a culture where “…narratives are pushed so enthusiastically that accuracy is a distant afterthought. These are not people I trust to leave accurate history lessons for future generations…” 

Ben and Sean discuss how the left-wing narrative changed the wording from “insurrection” to “Capital riots.” “It drives me crazy,” Ben says. “There were so many actual crimes committed that day, and actual bad things. Why make them up? Why lie and invent fake accusations? That just makes [the participants] seem innocent when you finally get around to accusing them of what they really did.”   

During his interview, Ben reveals what Donald Trump DID NOT say in his speech preceding the invasion of the capital, and he describes the pockets of violence and pockets of peace scattered throughout the crowd of insurgents. Was there simply a widespread cognitive dissonance about what constitutes a “peaceful protest?” Ben provides a closer examination of the key elements of the day, then he explains how the whole debacle could have been prevented with a few moments of pre-thinking and planning. You know an event is poor planning when there are no Port-a-Potties. 

Listen to hear stories about nooses and gallows, to learn the definition of a “flag club”, and to laugh at death threats against Ben as he fed the hungry. 

What’s the future hold? Where is our democracy headed? What could instigate a civil war? 

Other topics include:  Seattle’s Demilitarized Zone, why the Left is so disappointing, the lame prosecution attempts against Donald Trump, and what killed the great Roman republic.

Coup Save America

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