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The End of Separation of Church and State

todayJuly 5, 2022 8

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What do the Playboy Foundation and Coup Save America have in common? We both love the honest speech that comes from the mouth of Reverend Barry Lynn!  

Coup Save America, Episode #7, delves into our nation’s rapidly unraveling concept of Separation of Church and State as we look at the other Supreme Court rulings made before and after the Roe vs. Wade decision. Sean is joined by Rev. Barry Lynn, a man who goes against the stereotype of a Christian minister by being at the forefront of every progressive cause throughout his long career. As the title of his upcoming memoir says, Lynn is Paid to Piss People Off.  

Where did the idea of separation between church and state come from, and what was it meant to mean? As Coup Save America discuss the fringe Religious Right and how well they understand how to use power, Rev. Lynn sprinkles the conversation with humorous anecdotes about meeting porn stars and his appearances on Fox News.

Sean and Rev. Lynn decide that a large part of our current problem is that United States justices don’t understand what separation of church and state is supposed to work. Is the solution to expand the size of the court? End the filibuster? Find out on Coup Save America! 

Coup Save America

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