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Peace, Prayer, and Pornography

todayJune 27, 2023

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What do peace, prayer, and porn all have in common? 

We are delighted for the return of the Reverend Barry Lynn to our show, as he joins us to talk about his marvelous three-volume memoir, Paid to Piss People Off. On today’s Coup Save America, Reverend Lynn, dedicated defender of the Constitution, regales us with humorous stories of using his wit and sense of humor to debate with right-wing conservatives. In the Reverend’s opinion, Right wingers see their fight as a war of good vs. evil, and they are the good, which gives them the righteous duty to go forth into battle with firm convictions. While sharing his stories of testifying in congress, Rev. Lynn speaks of the need for progressive to put effort into to rebutting right-wing policies rather than focusing solely on promoting the Left’s agenda. He reveals the some of the mistakes politicians on the Left make that the politicians on the Right have figured out. He explains the difference between Creative Compromises and Idiot Compromises, and he talks about how our country is long overdue to reform veteran’s rights. 


Sean and Rev. Lynn discuss issues and solutions within the Supreme Court, the ridiculous arguments against TikTok, the two justifications that are applied to everything politicians seek to ban, the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine, and, of course, pornography and sex toys!!! 


Other topics include: Ralph Nader, military policy vs. The Bee Gees, why talking vegetables are more acceptable than talking animals, and the evils of the pharmaceutical industry.

Coup Save America

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