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Palestine Part 2 – Zionism, Settler Colonialism, Disaster Capitalism, and the Media War

todayOctober 31, 2023 7

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Episode Description:

As the official death toll in Gaza soars to more than 8,500, with 5,500 children likely dead, and US-backed Israel prepares for a ground invasion, we bring you Part 2 of our analysis of the forces at work behind this genocide.

Today, we discuss Biden’s complicity with war crimes, his unwavering support for Israel, and Biden’s history as a Zionist. We define Zionism, and we use a lens of Settler Colonialism, Zionism and Disaster Capitalism for understanding what Israel and the United States are now executing.

We also shine a light on Israel’s future capitalist development plans for a canal/corridor, and look at how these plans may be connected to the genocide happening in Gaza.

As socialists, we understand how capitalism’s plans for endless expansion require constant war, genocide and the destruction of nature, and the brutal oppression of the world’s most vulnerable.

We offer you a list of media resources to stay informed, as non-coporate, anti-war voices are being banned, censored, and bombed.

Reading Notes

Global Capitalism Has Become Dependent on War-Making to Sustain Itself | Truthout

Peace Propaganda And The Promised Land U.S Media & the Israeli Palestinian Conflict 2004

Chris Hedges – Exterminate all the Brutes

Noura Erakat: Western Leaders & Media Are Justifying Israel’s “Genocidal Campaign” Against Palestinians | Democracy Now!

BDS Movement 

‘Peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia will truly create a new Middle East’: Netanyahu

Al Jazeera


The Grayzone 

MintPress News

“Not in Our Name”: 400 Arrested at Jewish-Led Sit-in at NYC’s Grand Central Demanding Gaza Ceasefire | Democracy Now! 

Gaza Fights For Freedom (2019) | Full Documentary | Directed by Abby Martin 

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