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Make Humanity Great Again

todayAugust 25, 2022 2

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Humanity is not great. In a world that is rapidly changing across multiple dimensions, we have come upon a new era where our entire species lingers precariously close to self-destruction, but with a future of immense potential hanging in the balance. How can we pull ourselves back from the brink? Is such a retreat from self-inflicted peril even possible? 

Author and change-leader Edina Brown joins Coup Save America to discuss these questions, offering her insights and experiences on how to pave a course toward a new culture of empathy and human wellness. 

Edina Brown is a leader in caring for humanity and creating connections. She recently served as an elected official in central New Jersey, and continues to contribute to issues like mental health, child welfare, and social change through her work on boards. Her deep desire to improve the way people see each other inspired her to write and publish “Make Humanity Great Again,” and further content about social change and wellness.

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