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Today’s Profiles in Music features the amazing 16-year-old pop singer/songwriter Kyla D Carter. Kyla turned her non-musical family upside down at the age of five when her parents heard her bellowing “Seasons of Love” around the house and recognized their daughter’s extraordinary talent. Kyla describes how her career took off immediately, moving from commercials and voiceovers to Broadway before her age hit two digits. In this interview, Kyla tells her Profiles in Music audience about the ups and downs of being a child artist and expresses her gratitude to the pandemic for slowing her down and allowing her to have a more traditional high school experience. Kayla shares how her role on the cartoon show TrollTopia turned her from a musical theatre enthusiast to a pop singer, and she laughs about the anxiety of releasing her first original single at age 13. Sean and Kyla also discuss the important role of the aBreak58 playlist in exposing her music and advancing her career. 

We listen to Kyla Carter’s hit single “Criminal 4 You” and learn the hidden message in her song “If These Walls Could Talk.” Kyla shares her future music plans and talks about how the broadness of her experience and the variety of people she’s met have helped her to connect with the world as an artist – with a little extra help from Instagram, of course.

Profiles In Music

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