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Jon Mullane, a Billboard-charting artist from chilly Nova Scotia, has kept his music hot by staying true to himself and not following trends. Jon joins us in the studio on the day of release for his new album: California. Jon tells the Profiles in Music audience what it was like to start his career back in the days of studio rentals, before artists could record their own songs at home with personal computer software, and he laughs about how his very first live musical gig was performed in front of a roaring crowd of 15,000 people.

Jon talks about his work with the non-profit Give an Hour and their Campaign to Change Direction, which raises awareness about mental health issues and educates citizens to recognize the signs of emotional suffering in others. Jon and Sean swap stories of childhood bullying and discuss the importance of erasing the stigma associated with pursuing mental wellness.     

During the hour, we listen to Jon Mullane’s single “Sun in the Summertime”, which was written during the pandemic to give people good feelings, if only for three minutes. We also hear “Walking Away”, a collaboration with songwriter Michael Jay, and Jon’s cover version of “Hello Again.”

Profiles In Music

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