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IndependentLeft dot news Daily Headlines – Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 – S2 E6

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Welcome to the IndependentLeft.News Daily Headlines podcast for January 6th, 2021.
Early Edition –
Top Headlines:

* British Judge Keeps Assange In Prison, Despite Ruling Against Extradition – Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof

* 20 corporations, $16 million, and 138 Republicans trying to subvert democracy – Judd Legum & Tesnim Zekeria, Popular Information

* Drugmakers Lose Bid to Block California Price Transparency Law – Nick Cahill, Courthouse News

* Chaos Erupts in D.C. as MAGA Fans Clash with Police – Zachary Petrizzo, Mediaite

* Georgia Voters Want Help From Congress – Andrew Perez, The Daily Poster

Top Videos:

* BREAKING: Judge DENIES Julian Assange Bail Request (1:01:33) – Richard Medhurst

* No Charges Filed Against Police Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake 7 Times (6:41) – The Humanist Report

* Max Blumenthal speaks on Julian Assange Washington D.C Action4Assange Event | Jan. 4, 2020 (9:28) – The Convo Couch

* Undercover at Proud Boys Rally (1:16:58) – Backyard Politix

* LIVE Washington DC Proud Boys – 1/5/21 (35:38) – The Convo Couch

Evening Edition –
Top Headlines:

* The Police Stood By as the Far Right Invaded the Capitol. The Working Class Must Stop Them – Tristan Taylor & Carmin Maffea, Left Voice

* CPJ urges respect for United States press freedom, journalist safety – CPJ

* WATCH: Shocking Footage Shows Moment Mob Took Over Capitol Building – Aidan McLaughlin, Mediaite

* Journalists, Activists Condemn UK Decision to Keep Assange Locked Up without Charge – Alan Macleod, Mint Press News

* The Labor Movement Hasn’t Won Anything Yet – Hamilton Nolan, InTheseTimes

Top Videos:

* Trump supporters STORM Capitol, are INSIDE THE BUILDING attacking Democracy (6:42) – The Christo Aivalis Show

* Meet The 15 Dems Who Voted Against Pelosi (5:02) – Graham Elwood

* LIVE: Assange denied freedom, Force the Vote, ‘Stop the Steal’ violence, Trump era review – The Grayzone

* LIVE Outside Capitol (1:57) – The Convo Couch

* MAGA Storms Capitol While Police Let Them (13:42) – David Doel, The Rational National

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How Did We Miss That?

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