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IndependentLeft dot news Daily Headlines – Saturday, January 9th, 2021 – S2 E9

todayJanuary 9, 2021

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Welcome to the IndependentLeft.News Daily Headlines podcast for Saturday, January 9th, 2021.
Early Edition –
Top Headlines:

💥  Record Highs on Wall Street After Week of Political Lows – Nick Rummell, Courthouse News

💥  The Boot Is Coming Down Hard And Fast – Caitlin Johnstone

💥  After Inciting Deadly Invasion of US Capitol, Twitter Permanently Suspends @realDonaldTrump – CommonDreams

💥  How Taxpayers Covered a $1,000 Liquor Bill for Trump Staffers (and More) at Trump’s Club – Derek Kravitz, ProPublica

💥  Republican Attorneys General Dark Money Group Organized Protest Preceding Capitol Mob Attack – Jamie Corey,

Top Videos:

💥  What did they think would happen? (19:22) – HasanAbi

💥  Wolff Responds: DC Rage: More Coming Unless Basic Economic Changes Made (10:46) – Democracy at Work

💥  Krystal, Kyle & Friends – Bhaskar Sunkara – (1:46:14)

💥  SND Live! Unpacking DC w/The Convo Couch & Niko House (2:22:36) – Slow News Day

💥  Why Bernie is Now Most Powerful Politician in U.S.—If He Decides to Use It w/ Jordan Chariton & Jenn Dize (2:21:02) – Status Coup

Evening Edition –
Top Headlines:

💥  More Cops and Big Tech-Led Deplatforming Won’t Help Us Defeat the Far Right – David Renton, Roar Magazine via Truthout

💥  Probe Demanded Over Capitol Police Standing Aside For Pro-Trump Mob – Jake Johnson, CommonDreams via PopularResistance

💥  The collective shame of global hunger – Graham Peebles, NationOfChange

💥  Leading Papers Talked Up Establishment’s Senate Candidates –  Henry Brennan & Julie Hollar, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

💥  I Showed Raffensperger Evidence of Wrongful Voter Purges. He Ignored It. – Greg Palast, Truthout

Top Videos:

💥  Biden DEFENDS Republican Party after Trump to WEAKEN the Left (13:31) – The Christo Aivalis Show

💥  Cops Treated MAGA Capitol Protestors Better Than BLM (8:02) – Graham Elwood

💥  Mexico Offers Julian Assange Asylum After Extradition Hearing [Road Reflections] (21:36) – Krish Mohan

💥  DSA & Their #ForceTheVote (11:53) – Hard Lens Media

💥  Jimmy Dore on Movement for a People’s Party (11:46) – Hard Lens Media

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