How Did We Miss That?

Episode 1 – Welcome to the Podcast

todayDecember 4, 2020

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Hi Everyone, thanks for listening.

Welcome to the Podcast. As a disclaimer, any opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect the opinions of anyone outside of IndependentLeft Media, LLC.

Back in March 2020, after Bernie got knifed by the establishment, I noticed that there is no central place to find all the amazing independent political content out there on the left, so I created one – is the #1 central hub online for news, analysis & opinion on the left, pulling in content from Independent, user-funded outlets, automatically updating every 12 hours, around 8 o’clock Eastern time each morning and night, 7 days a week.

The focus of this podcast will be to review the top 5 headlines and videos in the current edition.

The independent sites we help amplify fully support a platform popular with the 99% – 

  • Universal Healthcare for all
  • Climate Justice
  • Living Wage
  • Defunding Police
  • Legal Marijuana
  • Universal Childcare
  • Free Public College Tuition
  • Abolishing ICE
  • massive military reduction & more. All free from corporate advertiser influence. 

They have to be – in order to challenge the corporate narrative.

We feature outlets like

  • ProPublica
  • Popular Information
  • In These Times
  • The Grayzone
  • Jimmy Dore
  • The Convo Couch
  • Graham Elwood
  • Richard Medhurst
  • Katie Halper
  • Beau of the Fifth Column
  • and dozens of other Independent podcasts, shows & journalists.

You can follow Independent Left News on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @indleftnews & subscribe via email on the site! You can also join our jet-stream 24/7 News & Opinion Discord at, with more than 50 channels, each dedicated to a different streamer, outlet or publisher!

Thanks, everyone. Remember to check out in your browser, and subscribe to our podcast for news updates from us!

How Did We Miss That?

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