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Crafting Anthemic Pop w/Amir Higher

todayApril 11, 2024 3

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Today we are joined by Amir Higher, an artist who has gained critical acclaim for his ability to craft catchy tunes that mix the genres of pop and EMD. Both a songwriter and a performer, Amir’s two singles “I Am Ready” and “Can’t See You” are blowing up on YouTube and music streaming platforms. Two of Amir’s original songs were also featured in “Choices,” which won the Best Short Film award at Cannes Film Festival. 

Sean and Amir begin the interview by discussing the inspiration behind “I Am Ready” and the impact this infectious song has on listeners. Amir talks about a deal that fell through with a record label in America, and how he was able to grow his music because of the setback. 

Next, Amir describes the process of making the music video for “I Am Ready” and importance of color in the production. He goes on the explain the story behind the “Can’t See You” video and his cartoon rabbit alter-ego. He explains the three different versions of “Can’t See You” and their corresponding music videos. Amir tells us why he puts an uplifting beat to his songs even when his music comes from a place of pain.

Sean asks Amir to share the story of his journey into music, which began when he was very young. Amir goes on to talk about his early professional career, and now the process that goes into producing his own music. He and Sean discuss his upcoming projects including the soon-to-be-released song “Small Box”. What is it like living in a different country than the places where your music is popular? Amir talks about what it’s like to only experience feedback via the Internet.

We play out the episode with Amir’s beautiful duet version of Toto’s “Africa”.

You can find Amir Higher’s music videos on YouTube at:

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