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Ben Shapiro & Dave Rubin DESPERATELY Defend Canceling Candace Owens

todayApril 2, 2024 3

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Since the October 7th Hamas attacks and the subsequent Israeli military assault on Gaza, many prominent “free speech warriors” on the right have exposed themselves as no different from the censorship-crazed “Woke” left they ridicule and excoriate. Most recently Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin sat down to explain away how it was OK for Shapiro’s Daily Wire to part ways with Candace Owens over the latter’s comments critical of Israel.

Guest host Russell Dobular and his Due Dissidence co-host Keaton Weiss discuss this incredible ass-showing from Shapiro and Rubin.

Plus segments on Joe Biden being accused of desecrating the Easter holiday by celebrating trans visibility, Israel escalating the conflict in the Middle East by bombing Iran’s embassy in Damascus, Syria, and the Israel Defense Force pulling out of Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital, leaving a trail of destruction and dead civilians in their wake.

Also featuring Mischa Paullin!

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