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Absolute Proof Joe Biden Involved In Hunter’s Dirty Business Deals!

todayAugust 10, 2023 1

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Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner Devon Archer recently testified to Congress behind closed doors about international deals he and Hunter were involved in and whether Joe Biden had any participation. Even though the mainstream media is spinning the testimony as exonerating the President, the reality is that Hunter was clearly trading on his father’s name and that Joe actively involved himself in his son’s business. Jimmy and The Convo Couch host Craig Jardula discuss the weight of evidence suggesting President Biden helped and benefited from his son’s influence peddling schemes. Plus segments about a new poll showing a majority of Americans no longer support Ukraine War funding and out-of-touch elitist Joy Behar wondering why Joe Biden isn’t more popular. Also featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae! And phone calls from Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden!

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