Coup Save America

Abortion in a Post Roe v Wade America

todayJuly 2, 2022

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Being pro-choice doesn’t mean ignoring the emotional impact of abortion. In the wake of our nation losing the protections provided by Roe versus Wade, Coup Save America features special guest Kelsey Walker, who shares tragic stories and valuable insights about abortion laws, social stigmas, and the true impact on the lives of women who, for many different reasons, make the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy. Kelsey talks to Sean about her work fighting for reproductive rights in Washington DC and about publishing a heartbreaking memoir describing the pain of losing her much-wanted daughter when abortion was the only reasonable choice for both mother and child. At the end of the program, Kelsey is joined by Carolanne Miller, a special guest who has suffered the emotional backlash of an abortion she had as a teenager over fifty years ago. As Carolanne shares her story, Kelsey demonstrates the counseling services offered by the non-profit organization that she founded to assist women in recovering from the various traumas brought on by the experience of abortion.

Coup Save America

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