The Politics of Rape Culture

August 30, 2022 - 182 views
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Not all sexual assaults are created equal.

In this episode of Coup Save America, Sean speaks out about our country's "rape culture", and then interviews special guest Tara Reade about her book Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In, a memoir outlining the injustice and trauma she experienced after coming forward against Joe Biden with sexual assault allegations. On the podcast, Tara tells us the heartbreaking story of how the power structure of America took control of her narrative and vilified her in the media by suppressing evidence and discrediting her claims to protect the political status quo. Like so much of today's America, it is a story of hypocrisy, media bias, and how the ruling class clings to power. Tune in to Tara's podcast "The Politics of Survival" – if you can find it, since she's been cancelled on most corporate platforms.

Other topics of conversation include Russia-phobia, troll farms, the United States' decimation of Libya, public kill lists, animal activism, and product placements for water.


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