How Did We Miss That?

Workers Fighting Back, Evictions Happening, Protests, more Corruption! – How Did We Miss That? Ep 04 Feat. Robbie Jaeger, WSWS, Popular Resistance, Truthout, Rogue Rocket, Caitlin Johnstone – 9/18/21

todaySeptember 18, 2021

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How Did We Miss That? Is a show airing on Independent Left News’ YouTube/Twitch/Facebook channels Saturday/Sunday nights at midnight ET, reviewing a few stories we haven’t seen covered anywhere else in Leftist media. co-hosted with @ReefBreland from @krtdmedia & @dorediscord. All of the stories were featured in our Substack, and at the top of IndependentLeft.News

Originally recorded during the 9/18 Episode of How Did We Miss That?, found here:

Articles Covered, all shared on between 9/12 & 9/18:

Story 1
✏️ 9/16 PM Dark Money Funding GOP Super PAC Tied To Trump-linked “Stop The Steal” Attorney: Robbie Jaeger, PolitiFi

Story 2
✏️ 9/12 PM “We Are Not Giving Up.” Alabama Coal Miners Enter Sixth Month Of Strike: Luigi Morris, Left Voice via Popular Resistance
✏️ 9/15 AM National Guard deployed in Massachusetts as pandemic worsens school bus driver shortage in US: Jerry White, WSWS
✏️ 9/13 AM Australia: Western Sydney bus drivers walk out over COVID-19: Martin Scott, WSWS

Story 3
✏️ 9/13 PM 20,000 protest against unaffordable rents in Berlin: WSWS
✏️ 9/14 AM You Can’t Stop Evictions If You Don’t Pay People’s Rent: Peter Hepburn & Erika Martinez, Slate via Truthout
✏️ 9/14 AM Afeni’s Marshal eviction video
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Story 4
✏️ 9/17 AM Philadelphia Will Pay $2M to Black Woman Beaten by Officers Whose Child Was Used in a Pro-Police Social Media Post: Cory Ray, Rogue Rocket

Story 5
✏️ 9/13 PM A Short Rant on Shamelessly Protesting Already: Glory Jones

Story 6
✏️ 9/16 AM Australia Continues Its Plunge Into Authoritarianism And Military Brinkmanship: Caitlin Johnstone

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How Did We Miss That?

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