Coup Save America

The Geopolitics of China, Israel, and America

todayAugust 9, 2022 1

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All is fair in love and war … and trade. Is China’s bid for world dominance evil? They certainly don’t think so, but are they right? 

On Coup Save America’s 10th episode, Sean interviews Toufic Sarieddine, a Ph.D. student with an expansive knowledge of world economic affairs. Toufic tells us about the Belt and Road Initiative and explains how and why China is no longer a fully communist country. Is China becoming the next imperial empire? And who will be involved in the newest great world conflict? In respect to China, Toufic talks about economic coups, the impact of conformation vs. individualism in Chinese culture.

Much of the episode focuses on Israel, with a review of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and discussion of the American Israel Public Relations Committee. 

Extra show topics include foreign assassinations, just what’s up with Iran, and, as always, the blatant hypocrisy of the United States. 

Coup Save America

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