How Did We Miss That?

Press Under Assault, Call for More Investigative Journalist, Afghanistan from a non-US Perspective – How Did We Miss That? Ep 03 – 9/11/21

todaySeptember 11, 2021

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How Did We Miss That? Is a show airing on YouTube/Twitch/Facebook Saturday/Sunday nights at midnight ET, reviewing a few stories we haven’t seen covered anywhere else in Leftist media. co-hosted with @ReefBreland from @krtdmedia & @dorediscord. All of the stories were featured in our Substack, and at the top of IndependentLeft.News

Articles Covered in the 9/11/21 episode, all shared on from 9/5 – 9/11:

9/5 PM Edition

9/8 PM

9/7 PM

9/6 AM

9/7 AM

9/9 AM

9/10 AM

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How Did We Miss That?

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