The Peace On Drugs

POD36. Chris Cauhape- Author of Parlor Whales

todayMarch 10, 2022

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Aaron Akulis and guests discuss the war on drugs- The negative impact it has had on the world and the slow turning of the tide of public perception as more states legalize cannabis, decriminalize psychedelics and other drugs meant for personal use. They also discuss the problems of addiction and seek to raise awareness and offer guidance on how to get help, and talk about the war on drugs negative impact on addiction itself- pushing the addict from the clinic to the street. Also discussed are the powerful benefits psychedelics are proving to have from PTSD to end of life anxiety and even the betterment of well people as a meditation tool. The Peace On Drugs Podcast is an ongoing discussion on how we end the war on drugs and move into a new peaceful world with legal drugs and less addiction.

The Peace On Drugs

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