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IndependentLeft dot news Daily Headlines – Wednesday, March 3, 2021 – S4 E01

todayMarch 3, 2021

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Welcome to the Independent Left dot News Daily Headlines podcast for Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021.
Early Edition –
Top Headlines:

🍀  ‘You Do Love to See It’: Progressives Cheer Withdrawal of Neera Tanden’s OMB Nomination – Brett Wilkins, CommonDreams
🍀  Amazon worker at Las Vegas warehouse dies in possible suicide – Kayla Costa, WSWS
🍀  Imperialism Is Capitalism’s Life Support System: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone
🍀  The Age of Social Murder – Chris Hedges, ScheerPost
🍀  The Georgia legislators pushing voter suppression bills are backed by millions in corporate cash – Judd Legum & Tesnim Zekeria, Popular Information

Top Videos:

🍀  BREAKING: Neera Tanden’s Nomination Pulled by White House (1:43:33) – Richard Medhurst
🍀  Bernie’s Former Press Secretary Has Some Free Advice For Biden’s Press Secretary w/ Briahna Joy Gray (10:43) – The Katie Halper Show
🍀  Big Oil Is Really Scared! w/ Steven Donziger (Web Exclusive) (32:40) – Moment of Clarity with Lee Camp
🍀  The American People Are In A Toxic Relationship & MSM Says Take It! (15:55) – Hard Lens Media
🍀  Live With Paranormal Karen 3/2/21 (2:26:30) – Graham Elwood

Evening Edition –
Top Headlines:

🍀  Los Angeles Mandates Hazard Pay For Grocery, Drug Store Workers – Martin Macias Jr, Courthouse News
🍀  Apple Threatens North Dakota, Suffers Crushing Loss in Arizona: “A Lot of It is Just Fear” – Matt Stoller
🍀  ‘Endangers the Entire Country and Beyond’: Grave Warnings as Texas Gov. Abbott Lifts Covid Restrictions – Jake Johnson, CommonDreams
🍀  At least 3 US reporters face court hearings on charges from 2020 coverage of protests and rallies – Committee to Protect Journalists
🍀  Newsroom Labor Organizing Sweeps US As Industry Crisis Deepens – Billy Anania, ShadowProof

Top Videos:

🍀  EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Worker Who Died After Testing Co Workers for COVID Complained to HR (1:38:34) – Jordan Chariton, Status Coup News
🍀  Israel Bombs Syria (Again) (28:00) – Richard Medhurst
🍀  Neera Tanden GONE, FBI Director Christopher Wray on Jan. 6, Neoprogressive joins the show & more! (2:17:02) – The Convo Couch
🍀  Why Was The Capitol Breeched On Jan 6th? Commander William Walker Gives Shocking Testimony (12:55) – Jamarl Thomas, The Progressive Soapbox
🍀  Let’s talk about a message to Texas from Florida man…. (4:59) – Beau of the Fifth Column

How Did We Miss That?

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