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IndependentLeft dot news Daily Headlines – Thursday, March 4th, 2021 – S4 E02

todayMarch 4, 2021

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Welcome to the IndependentLeft.News Daily Headlines podcast for Thursday, March 4th, 2021.
Early Edition –
Top Headlines:

🍀  FBI Director Wray confirms coordinated planning by pro-Trump far-right terrorists in January 6 attack – Jacob Crosse, WSWS
🍀  After Airstrikes in Syria, Senators Introduce Resolution to Repeal Some Presidential War Powers – Jessica Corbett, CommonDreams
🍀  Joe Biden just yanked away stimulus checks from 17 million Americans – Ryan Cooper, The Week
🍀  Digital colonialism: The evolution of American empire – Michael Kwet, Roar Magazine
🍀  Cuomo Has A Long History Of Using Women As Props To Empower Himself, Critics Say – Brigid Bergin, WNYC via Gothamist

Top Videos:

🍀  Progressives Sell Out Workers on $15 Minimum Wage w/ Ron Placone (24:16) – The Jimmy Dore Show
🍀  Facing Prison For Fighting Injustice w/ Lillian House (Web Exclusive) (29:54) – Moment of Clarity with Lee Camp
🍀  Biden’s First Act Of War Hits 3 Countries (5:23) – Abby Martin, The Empire Files
🍀  ICC ruling on Israel | The Communiqué with Richard Medhurst (25:28) – Mideast Politics
🍀  LIVE: Justin Jackson & Ricci Sergienko On Neera Tanden Rejection (1:11:24) – The Dive with Jackson Hinkle

Evening Edition –
Top Headlines:

🍀  How To Stop The Manchin Presidency And Raise The Minimum Wage – David Sirota, The Daily Poster
🍀  House Democrats pass campaign finance overhaul, Senate GOP to block bill – Karl Evers-Hillstrom, OpenSecrets
🍀  “Right-to-Work” Laws Are an Assault on Union Organizing – Scott Cooper, Left Voice
🍀  Aurora Police Killed Without Consequence, Now Their Protestors Face 48 Years for “Kidnapping” Cops – Alan Macleod, Mint Press News
🍀  GM Asks Panel to Revive Racketeering Case Against Rival Automaker – Kevin Koeninger, Courthouse News

Top Videos:

🍀  Amazon’s Shameful Dodge on Death of Young Mother Forced to Give COVID Tests (12:24) – Jordan Chariton, Status Coup News
🍀  Max Blumenthal Exposes Secret UK-funded Program Aimed at Undermining Russia (31:31) – Taylor Hudak, AcTVism
🍀  Assange Case Connected To All Ruling Class Crimes w/ Richard Medhurst (17:55) – Graham Elwood
🍀  US Kisses Saudi Crown + Taliban’s Tet Offensive (8:37) – Abby Martin, The Empire Files
🍀  Biden Put NO PRESSURE On Manchin For $15 Min Wage (9:44) – Secular Talk with Kyle Kulinski

How Did We Miss That?

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