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IndependentLeft dot news Daily Headlines – Thursday, January 21st, 2021 – S2 E20

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Welcome to the IndependentLeft.News Daily Headlines podcast for Thursday, January 21st, 2021.
Early Edition –
Top Headlines:

🌈  Democracy USA? NO!!! – Philip Farrugio, NationOfChange
🌈  The Next Two Years Will Be The Democratic Party At Its Most Transparent – Caitlin Johnstone
🌈  Biden Needs to Spend Big—And Fast. Here Are 4 Immediate Priorities. – Max B. Sawicky, In These Times
🌈  Flint Activists Remember How Gina McCarthy, Biden’s Pick for Climate Policy, Failed Their City – Naomi LaChance, CounterPunch
🌈  If Biden Is to Succeed Where Obama Failed, He’ll Have to Fight the GOP – David Sirota, Jacobin

Top Videos:

🌈  Trump Revokes 5 Year Lobbying Plan (6:35) – Hard Lens Media
🌈  Why Did The Security State Surrender The Capitol? w/ Max Blumenthal (6:16) – The Katie Halper Show
🌈  Trump Doesn’t Pardon Assange – Here’s Who He Pardons Instead w/ Graham Elwood (10:31) – Ron Placone
🌈  Populist Right & Left Joining Forces Against Establishment. (12:47) – The Jimmy Dore Show
🌈  [81.1] Free Assange Vigil: w/ The Convo Couch (2:02:27) – Action4Assange & Slow News Day

Evening Edition –
Top Headlines:

🌈  Judge OKs Preliminary Settlement for Victims of Flint Water Crisis – Andy Olesko, Courthouse News
🌈  Why were Capitol rioters allowed to leave a murder crime scene? – Greg Palast
🌈  McConnell Is Holding Up the Senate to Protect the Filibuster – Sharon Zhang, Truthout
🌈  Instacart is firing every employee who voted to unionize – Zoe Schiffer, The Verge
🌈  Not Going Back to Brunch – David Klassen, Left Voice

Top Videos:

🌈  Let’s talk about the impossible, unity, and accountability…. (6:23) – Beau of the Fifth Column
🌈  The Story of American Capitalism w/ Richard Wolff (24:36) – Bad Faith
🌈  Pro-Biden Media Gaslighting Begins (3:38) – Jordan Chariton, Status Coup
🌈  BIDEN’S FIRST DAY | The Good & The Bad (5:50) – Kyle Kulinski
🌈  Pacific NW- A Breeding Ground for Fascism (27:46) – Backyard Politix

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How Did We Miss That?

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