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IndependentLeft dot news Daily Headlines – Friday, February 12th, 2021 – S3 E12

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Welcome to the IndependentLeft.News Daily Headlines podcast for Friday, February 12th, 2021.
Early Edition –
Top Headlines:

❤️  Same Old Third Way – Andrew Perez, The Daily Poster
❤️  Cruz, Graham, and Lee Accused of Violating Oaths of Office by Meeting With Trump Lawyers During Trial – Jessica Corbett, CommonDreams
❤️  Audit: California Effort to Solve Homelessness Disjointed and Ineffective – Matthew Renda, Courthouse News
❤️  “Our society is sick:” The Lancet condemns American capitalism – Andre Damon, WSWS
❤️  The Real World And The Narrative World – Caitlin Johnstone

Top Videos:

❤️  What Everyone Missed About Biden’s Double-Speak on Ending Yemen War (7:31) – Abby Martin, The Empire Files
❤️  Biden Seeks Julian Assange Extradition w/ Max Blumenthal (16:29) – The Jimmy Dore Show
❤️  Why Isn’t This MASSIVE North Carolina Oil Spill MSM Silent on Colonial Pipeline Disaster w/ Robbie Jaeger (1:50:57) – Slow News Day
❤️  Cops Say You’re Not Allowed to Look at Government Building (23:42) – Matt Orfalea
❤️  MOC #44 – Biden’s Policies Revealed! (w/ Abby Martin) (38:20) – Moment of Clarity with Lee Camp

Evening Edition –
Top Headlines:

❤️  Where Are the Witnesses? Ralph Nader Says Democrats’ Impeachment Case Is “Prescription for Defeat” (17:00) – Democracy Now
❤️  Troops in Washington Are Disaster Waiting to Happen – James Bovard, ConsortiumNews
❤️  American Tech Giants Are Partnering with India’s Strongman Leader to Crackdown on Dissent – Alan Macleod, Mint Press News
❤️  The Lincoln Project, Facing Multiple Scandals, is Accused by its Own Co-Founder of Likely Criminality – Glenn Greenwald
❤️  Dissenter Weekly: What Biden Could Do To Support The First Amendment (55:30) – Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof

Top Videos:

❤️  Catholic Church Took PPP Billions It Didn’t Need (20:59) – Graham Elwood
❤️  Amazon SUES New York AG to Pre-empt Potential COVID Safety Rules for Workers w/ Chad Loder (2:09:31) – Tina-Desiree Berg, Status Coup News
❤️  Interview with FrancAnalysis on Future of Independent Media (32:41) – Kit Cabello, Hard Lens Media
❤️  Amazon has been hiring FBI, GLORY JONES ON THE COUCH, Maricopa County Arizona Audit & more! (2:42:41) – The Convo Couch
❤️  WashPo Blames Capitol Protest On Economic Despair w/ Max Blumenthal (24:06) – The Jimmy Dore Show

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How Did We Miss That?

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