Coup Save America

How To Fight Like A Socialist

todayFebruary 1, 2023

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“How will this benefit the ruling class?” It’s the first question we should ask ourselves when faced with social “issues” aimed to divide and distract the working citizenry. 

This week, Sean is joined by Canadian activist and revolutionary socialist, Daniel Tarade. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, but his true passion is inciting his fellow citizens to join forces and fight for societal and economic change. As a branch organizer for Socialist Action Canada and co-host of The Red Review podcast, Daniel advocates not just for local revolution, but for an international revolution in defense of all oppressed peoples. He is optimistic that while it might “be messy”, we are capable as a society of transforming systems at a fundamental level. Today’s conversation covers the many tactics that the ruling class use to manipulate society and keep themselves in power. Daniel talks about the lack of diversity in political parties, how unions often support the status quo, and the subtle – or not so subtle – ways that elections are rigged to inhibit any meaningful social change. He tells us about his personal experience campaigning for local office in Ontario – with few resources and no expectation to win, but to get the word out about what is possible and to plant the seeds of revolution. Listen to hear Daniel’s valuable strategies for community organization and learn how it all comes down to a General Strike! 

Other topics include:  The historical trajectory and current shortcomings of police forces, how Canada is catching up to the US in the area of political polarization, the inspiration of Howard Zinn and Rosa Luxemburg, plus the need to democratize information. 

Coup Save America

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