How Did We Miss That?

Fair Pay! | #Corruption! | #Jan6th | #Assange | #ElectionIntegrity | How Did We Miss That? Ep 19

todayJanuary 8, 2022 2

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How Did We Miss That? Airs LIVE on  YouTube/Twitch/Facebook/Twitter/Odysee every Saturday night at midnight  ET / 9pm PT, reviewing a few BIG stories we haven’t seen covered much in  leftist independent media. Co-hosted by Indie, Founder & Editor of  @indleftnews & @ReefBreland, creator of @dorediscord & host of  Reefer After Dark. 

All of the stories were featured in our Substack, and at the top of https://IndependentLeft.News

Episode Substack:

Story 1 – Workers Are Still Not Being Compensated Fairly! 

❄️  Workers at First Unionized Starbucks Walk Off Job to Protest Working Conditions: Sharon Zhang, Truthout  

Story 2 – Keeping the Assange Story at the Forefront 

❄️  What I Got Wrong About Julian Assange: Dean Yates via Consortium News 

❄️  FREE #JulianAssange NOW! (Audio): Independent Left News (1:52) 

❄️  NBC News Uses Ex-FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi to Urge Assange’s Extradition, Hiding His Key Role: Glenn Greenwald 

❄️  After 1,000 Days in Belmarsh Prison, Campaigners Demand Freedom for Julian Assange: Brett Wilkins, CommonDreams  

Story 3 – This Week In Corruption 

❄️  Trump Appointee Resigns as FDIC Chair After Failing to Stymie Policy Review: Jessica Corbett, CommonDreams via Truthout 

❄️  Nancy Pelosi’s Web Of Real Estate Holdings: The Free Press Report  

Story 4 – The Only January 6 Story We’re Gonna Do 

❄️  January 6: Marianne Williamson  

Story 5 – Electoral Infrastructure, for a Change 

❄️  The Battle Against the Touchscreen Is Hard to See: April Smith, WhoWhatWhy 

❄️  What If We Made Democracy… More Democratic?: InTheseTimes Editors  

Story 6 – Censorship & Caitlin’s Corner 

❄️  Meta Censors Anti-Imperialist Speech from @richimedhurst In Obedience To The US Government: Caitlin Johnstone 

❄️  Meet Jed Rakoff, the Judge Who Exposed the “Rigged Game”: Matt Taibbi, TK News  

Originally recorded during the 1/9/22 Episode of How Did We Miss That?, found here:  







How Did We Miss That?

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