Necessary Illusions

Episode 9: Jory and the Lost Podcast

todayAugust 6, 2023 1

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On the episode of the podcast I interview Jory Micah, who is a leftist and a faith-based activist who tries to use her platform to help poor, oppressed and vulnerable people around the world. She can be found on X social @jorymicah and on On the show we discuss religion, politics, the two-party system, capitalism, socialism and bottom-up non-violent revolution. We also mention human rights, animal rights and the existential environmental crisis that could put an end to human civilization as we know it, if we don’t act now to address climate change. We had some technical difficulties during the middle of the show, where I forgot to record at least 40 minutes of our discussion, but I tried my best to edit it and stich it together into one fluid and free flowing conversation. Unfortunately, nobody will ever get to hear the lost podcast, which would have probably gone down in the history books as the best podcast of all time, but instead it’s lost forever. However, I think what we did record today was still pretty cool. I hope you enjoy. 06 August 2023 – MC

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Necessary Illusions

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