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Episode 2 — June 2021 in Review

todayJuly 5, 2021 1

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In this episode of The Red Review, brought to you by Socialist Action, we cover what happened in Canada in June 2021 and our imperialist state’s role in atrocities abroad.

Featuring Israeli apartheid and Palestinian resistance, cops getting away with murder, old-growth logging at Fairy Creek, the beheading of the Egerton Ryerson Statue, the housing ‘free market,’ rising Islamophobia, Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause, more unmarked graves found at residential ‘schools’ and #cancelcanadaday, and the turmoil in the Green Party.

And featuring an interview with Gary Kinsman, queer and anti-capitalist activist, author, and a spokesperson for the No Pride in Policing Coalition.

You can find Socialist Action on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, or visit our website for more information. Socialist Action also plays a leading role in the Worker’s Action Movement, which ran the Labour Forward slate at the upcoming Canadian Labour Congress, and the NDP Socialist Caucus.

Corrections and updates can be found here!


Website: No Pride in Policing Coalition

Website: MiningWatch Canada

Website: Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

Website: International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group

Website: Red Braid Alliance

Linktree: The Rainforest Flying Squad

FundRazr: Last Stand for Forests

GoFundMe: Support For Indigenous Land Defenders — Fairy Creek

GoFundMe: 1492 Land Back Lane — Legal Fund

Twitter: 1492 Land Back Lane

Twitter: Working Families Ontario 

Twitter: Gary Kinsman

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