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Episode 12 – IndependentLeft dot news Daily Headlines – Monday, December 14th

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Welcome to the IndependentLeft.News Daily Headlines podcast for Monday, December 14th, 2020. Special thanks to all who have been supporting this podcast: just to name a few, Dominic from SOS Fuel, Niki Sixx from Backyard Politix, Mona Carmona and Ron Placone for the theme song & many more.
Early Edition –
Top Headlines:

🕎  ‘What a Failed State Looks Like’: GOP Under Fire for Blocking Necessary Funds as Covid Vaccine Distribution Begins – Jake Johnson, CommonDreams

🕎  The Fight Against Line 5 Intensifies – Patrick Shea, The Progressive

🕎  Despite new policy, vaccine misinformation is spreading on Facebook and Instagram – Popular Information

🕎  ‘Buy It or Else’: How Monsanto and BASF Forced a Toxic Weed Killer on Farmers – Jonathan Hettinger, In These Times

🕎  You Have No Obligation To Conform To A Wildly Sick Society – Caitlin Johnstone

Top Videos:

🕎  What You Need To Know About MONEY. w/ Real Progressives’ Steve Grumbine (30:41) – The Jimmy Dore Show

🕎  Anti-Racists & Their Shield Wall Oppose Far-Right in Saint Paul [Dec. 5, 2020] (2:06) – Unicorn Riot

🕎  America Second (1:05) – Mark Fiore, The Progressive

🕎  CIA Plots Against Dan Ellsberg & Julian Assange (15:17) – Matt Orfalea

🕎  Biden’s Conflict Of Interest Cabinet! W/ Lee Camp (20:43) – The Jimmy Dore Show

Evening Edition –
Top Headlines:

🕎  The Left Has Valid Criticisms of Biden’s Appointments But Centrists Won’t Listen – Truthout

🕎  Proud Boys Vandalize Churches And Clash With Antifascists In DC – PopularResistance.Org

🕎  Texas attorney general’s office denies whistleblowers were fired because they reported Ken Paxton to authorities – Texas Tribune

🕎  Winter of Coronavirus: Seeking Shelter in Minneapolis During COVID–19 – Unicorn Riot

🕎  The Case For a Pardon of Edward Snowden by President Trump – Glenn Greenwald

Top Videos:

🕎  Bring The Ruckus! – Matt Orfalea

🕎  Force A Vote On Medicare For All? | Jimmy Dore & Justin Jackson vs AOC – Kyle Kulinski

🕎  I’m bothered by DNC meddling in the Iowa caucus… – What’s Bothering Me Today

🕎  The Missing $12 Billion, Pentagon To Stop CIA, & Trade Deals Explained – Gov’t Secrets Ep. 20 – Lee Camp & Graham Elwood

🕎  Recent DC Violence Has Ties to Pacific NW – Backyard Politix

The links for both the early and evening editions are above. Thx!

How Did We Miss That?

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