How Did We Miss That?

Capitalism Is Killing Us All | WTF Is Up with US Foreign Policy? | How Did We Miss That? Ep 20

todayJanuary 17, 2022 1

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Originally recorded during the 1/16/22 Episode of How Did We Miss That?, found here:

Story 1 – Capitalism is The Common Denominator

❄️  Unsafe School Reopenings Aren’t About Kids. They’re About Capitalist Profits. – Tatiana Cozzarelli, Left Voice
 There is No Such thing as a “Low Skilled” Worker.: Lauren Elizabeth
❄️  Disturbing New Report Shows Dire Conditions For Grocery Workers: Hamilton Nolan, InTheseTimes
❄️  After Year of Vaccine Profiteering, Pfizer Hikes Prices on 125 Drugs: Jake Johnson, CommonDreams

Story 2 – WTF is Going on with our Foreign Policy?

❄️  Biden Urged to ‘Engage Diplomatically’ With Russia to ‘Avert a Military Conflict’ Over Ukraine: Jessica Corbett, CommonDreams
❄️  Six Things The Media Won’t Tell You About Ukraine: Ted Snider, AntiWar
❄️  A response to “What Should the Left Do About China?”: The Dissident, Indie News Network

Story 3 – Planned Parenthood Attacked

❄️  ‘Intentional, Criminal Act’: Fire That Destroyed Tennessee Planned Parenthood Clinic Was Arson: Jessica Corbett, CommonDreams

Story 4 – Cops Continue to Target POC

❄️  Canton, Ohio police, district attorney, blame victim after body camera footage confirms cop shot James Williams without warning: Jacob Crosse, WSWS
❄️  “Race-Neutral” Traffic Cameras Disproportionately Ticket People of Color: Emily Hopkins & Melissa Sanchez, ProPublica

Story 5 – Tin Foil Hat People Proven Right

❄️  Washington DC to combine photo ID with vaccine passport scheme: Didi Rankovic, ReclaimTheNet

Story 6 – Finally! Some Good News!

❄️  Americans Can Order Free Rapid Covid Tests Starting Jan. 19: Jessica Corbett, CommonDreams
❄️  Activist Pressure Pauses Newark Fracked Gas Project: Brett Wilkins, CommonDreams

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How Did We Miss That?

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