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Black Lives Don’t Matter In America

todayFebruary 17, 2023

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“Education creates knowledge – Knowledge creates jobs – Jobs reduce poverty – Poverty reduction reduces crime.”

Coup Save America is joined today by activist Clinton Galloway, author of the book What Did You Think Was Going to Happen? Mr. Galloway shares his infuriating story of how the city of Los Angeles deprived their black communities of vital technology that would offer a redistribution of wealth in America, plus also serve to combat the city’s faltering education system and sense of morality. In the early 1980’s, when cable networks were beginning to launch, Mr. Galloway was part of a group who followed every necessary step to establish a television network that would serve impoverished communities of color, yet they were stymied at every turn by a corrupt and racist system. Listen to learn why, even after a favorable ruling by the United States Supreme Court, their case languished in a local court for ten years and was ultimately awarded $1 in damages. Hear why the FBI warned Mr. Galloway that he’d better move out of Los Angeles as quick as he could. 

Pulling from his many experiences, Mr. Galloway shares with us the disheartening news that black politicians, black leaders, the NAACP, and The Democratic Party all give lip service to the problems of poor and disfranchised communities, but they have no real interest in working toward change. He and Sean discuss the greed and corruption of the media, and the way that the media decides what we will see using manipulative algorithms.

Mr. Galloway talks about the systematic changes that would be required to address racial inequality in America, but also shares “right now” strategies to help people born into poverty obtain higher education and housing. 

Other topics include: Jim Crow Joe Biden, overlooked PTSD suffered by the citizens of Los Angeles, gambling outlets that target minors, Revolutionary Blackout Network, prisons as the new form of slavery, the injustice of Uber vs. Gypsy Cabs, why kids need to get slapped, the dangers of population surveillance through technology, and the disappointing presidency of Barack Obama.

Coup Save America

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