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#117: INSANE Heat | UN-Israel News: Corporate Media LYING | Independents Under-Represented | guest co-host Chanda Masta from Trailer Park Pundit joins | How Did We Miss That

todayJune 24, 2024 4

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Originally recorded during the 6/23/24 Episode of How Did We Miss That?, found here:

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This Week’s Stories:

⭐ Heat Is Making Working Conditions INSANE

HOW WORKERS ARE WINNING FANS, AIR CONDITIONING, AND EVEN HEAT PAY: Keith Brower Brown, Labor Notes via Popular Resistance

⭐ Media Lying AGAIN! Almost ALL of the Campus Protests Are PEACEFUL

More than 98 percent of the campus protests have been peaceful: Stephen Semler, Polygraph

⭐ We Are the Baddies! US Elected Officials Are the WORST

When US Officials Show You Who They Are, Believe Them: Norman Solomon, CounterPunch via ScheerPost

⭐ UN States the Obvious – Israel Is Murdering Civilians

Israel Has “Systematically Violated” Laws Regarding Civilian Harm, UN Finds

Israel Has “Systematically Violated” Laws Regarding Civilian Harm, UN Finds

Check out INN for Palestine:

⭐ OF COURSE Independents Are Under-Represented. One Reason?

Why is it so hard to know how many independent voters there are?: Thom Riley, The Conversation

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How Did We Miss That? features articles written by independent journalists who routinely challenge corporate-friendly “mainstream” narratives & counter the talking points pushed out by corporate-controlled media. This week, Reef’s computer is on the fritz, so Indie is joined by guest co-host and Indie Media Award honoree Chanda Masta, host of Trailer Park Pundit and Beauty and the Boomer.

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co-host Chanda Masta is: 

  • ⭐ Host of Trailer Park Pundit

  • ⭐ Co-host of Beauty and the Boomer

  • ⭐ An Indie Media Award honoree, Class of 2023

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