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The Peace On Drugs

Exploring Drug Policy, Recovery, and Transformative Healing

Welcome to The Peace on Drugs with Aaron Akulis, a captivating podcast that dives deep into the complexities of drug policy, addiction, recovery, and transformative healing. Join host Aaron Akulis, a passionate advocate and seasoned expert in the field, as he navigates the nuances of these topics, engaging with a diverse array of guests, including experts, activists, and individuals with lived experiences. The Peace on Drugs offers an enlightening and […]

Aaron Akulis is a dedicated advocate, expert, and host of the enlightening podcast, The Peace on Drugs. With a passion for social justice, harm reduction, and transformative healing, Aaron has dedicated his career to exploring the complexities of drug policy, addiction, and recovery.

Born and raised in a community deeply affected by the impacts of substance abuse, Aaron developed a deep empathy and understanding for individuals struggling with addiction from a young age. Witnessing the devastating consequences of punitive drug policies, he became determined to challenge the status quo and advocate for more compassionate approaches to drug use and recovery.

Aaron’s journey into the world of drug policy and advocacy began with his studies in social work and public health. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, equipping him with a strong foundation in understanding the social and systemic factors that contribute to addiction and marginalization. Committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise, he pursued a master’s degree in Public Health with a focus on substance abuse and harm reduction.

Throughout his educational journey, Aaron actively engaged with various community organizations, working on the front lines to support individuals impacted by addiction. His experiences working in harm reduction programs, syringe exchange initiatives, and recovery centers allowed him to witness firsthand the transformative power of compassion, harm reduction strategies, and community support.

Inspired by his experiences and a deep desire to challenge the existing drug policies, Aaron embarked on the creation of The Peace on Drugs podcast. With a commitment to open dialogue and diverse perspectives, Aaron’s podcast offers a platform for meaningful conversations and exploration of alternative approaches to drug policy and recovery.

As the host of The Peace on Drugs, Aaron engages with experts, activists, and individuals with lived experiences, drawing from their unique insights and stories to shed light on the human side of drug policy. Through his empathetic and compassionate approach, Aaron fosters a safe space for open and honest discussions, encouraging listeners to challenge societal stigmas and explore innovative solutions.

Aaron’s dedication to transformative healing and progressive drug policies has earned him recognition and respect within the advocacy community. His work on The Peace on Drugs has sparked meaningful conversations, inspired change, and empowered individuals to engage in the pursuit of more compassionate and just drug policies.

Beyond his podcast, Aaron continues to actively advocate for harm reduction, addiction recovery, and social justice. He collaborates with organizations, policymakers, and community leaders to promote evidence-based practices and challenge the systemic barriers that perpetuate the cycle of addiction and marginalization.

Aaron Akulis is a compassionate advocate, educator, and host who strives to bring about meaningful change in drug policy and recovery. Through The Peace on Drugs and his tireless advocacy efforts, he continues to inspire others to challenge the status quo, promote compassion, and work towards a society that prioritizes healing and justice for all individuals affected by addiction.

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