Information On Becoming A Potential Guest

Profiles In Music

Profiles In Music is an hour-long program that features interviews with new music artists.

General Information

Thank you for your interest in appearing on Profiles In Music! We are a show that takes great pride in delivering top-notch episodes that not only serve our dedicated audience’s expectations, but also make our guests shine. With each installment of our program, we strive to produce a show that is thoughtfully crafted to inform, engage, and inspire. At Profiles In Music, we understand the importance of delivering content that not only captivates but also educates our listeners.

About The Show

Profiles In Music is an hour-long radio program and podcast dedicated to uncovering the stories behind the music. We frequently feature interviews with new and independent music artists from around the globe. Our ideal guest is someone actively engaged in the music industry, bringing fresh insights, experiences, and stories from the world of music. Whether you’re an emerging artist, a seasoned producer, or a professional working behind the scenes, we’re interested in the diverse voices that contribute to the music we love. If you’re passionate about music and have a story to tell, we want to hear from you.

Guest Prerequisites

Prospective guests are expected to dedicate one hour for the interview and to join the online recording studio fifteen minutes early for a sound check and a brief production meeting.

Schedule Availability

Profiles In Music is broadcast live every Friday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm Pacific Time. We ask that potential guests ensure their availability during these hours. Should a guest be unable to join a live broadcast, we can arrange a separate recording session to pre-record their segment, which will then be aired at a subsequent time.

Completing The In-Take Form

We kindly request potential guests to fill out an online intake form. This form consists of several questions designed to give our production team a clearer understanding of your compatibility as a guest on our program. The information you submit via the intake form will be utilized not only to draft the show notes and episode description but also to create a guest profile. This profile will aid in promoting the episode.

We apologize if this booking form seems extensive, but providing information about yourself and your topic of expertise will greatly assist our host, Sean St. Heart, as he conducts his own research and prepares to discuss the topic with knowledge, curiosity, and respect. Profiles In Music values diverse perspectives and encourages dialogue and engagement, believing that the best ideas come from collective discussions. This is why we actively seek feedback, questions, and suggestions from our guests during the initial booking process, incorporating their input into the production of our episodes to ensure that we address their most pressing interests and concerns. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re engaged in a conversation where complex issues can be explored and discussed with clarity and nuance.

The Profiles In Music in-take form will not only help us to better prepare for your interview, but it also provides a centralized place to collect and store links, images, and other media we will need to advertise/promote your interview before, during, and after your appearance. Thank you in advance for investing the time to make your interview the best it can be!

We recommend using either Firefox or Google Chrome to complete the intake form.