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Broadcasting purposeful journalism targeted to global citizens who are vested in building a better and more progressive and peaceful society. (KCAM-DB) is an entirely nonprofit internet news and talk radio station that aims to give voice to the needless suffering that pains our world and speak out against the systemic social problems and injustices from which it spawns. We are ambitious champions of the working class, opposing endless wars, imperialism, and the establishments of power held and its tentacles that branch out to the most corrupted profiteers of empire. We serve to speak truth to power.

The empathic battle cry of our radio station is the vociferation against all forms of social injustice, and the establishments of power upon which they are bred. We command a voice that calls for the expansion of freedom, greater equity for all people, uncompromised social justice, and world peace. The tremble of our voice is in opposition to the tyranny of imperialism, the profiteers of war, the steady creep of fascism, the greed-induced crimes of capitalism, and the neoliberal order; all of which have little regard for the dire consequences that travel in their wake. The crux of our mission is to serve as the voice for a new social and political revolution that aims to speak truth to power, advocates for the principles of anti-war and anti-imperialism, champions the plight of the working class and oppressed, and seeks to bring about a resurgence of societal solidarity that is an utmost prerequisite for social justice.

We're The Voice of change & Dissent​

Giving voice to social, Economic, political, and Environmental injustice is an entirely not-for-profit internet radio station that caters to a progressive-minded base of global listeners who are deeply passionate about social justice issues.


We endeavor to broadcast the global uprising against the social, economic, and environmental injustice that permeates our world and robs people of their potential and dignity. Our station is both by and for the people, serving to narrate the stories of a global citizenry in pursuit of purposeful and systemic social change.




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