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radio for and by the people, broadcasting a voice of change

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01. Who We Are

Broadcasting purposeful journalism targeted to global citizens who are vested in building a better and more progressive society. (KCAM-DB) is an entirely nonprofit internet news and talk radio station that aims to give voice to the needless suffering that pains our world and speak out against the systemic social problems and injustices from which it spawns. We are ambitious champions of the working class, opposing endless wars, imperialism, and the establishments of power held and its tentacles that branch out to the most corrupted profiteers of empire. We serve to speak truth to power.

The empathic battle cry of our radio station is the vociferation against all forms of social injustice, and the establishments of power upon which they are bred. We command a voice that calls for the expansion of freedom, greater equity for all people, uncompromised social justice, and world peace. The tremble of our voice is in opposition to the tyranny of imperialism, the profiteers of war, the steady creep of fascism, the greed-induced crimes of capitalism, and the neoliberal order; all of which have little regard for the dire consequences that travel in their wake. The crux of our mission is to serve as the voice for a new social and political revolution that aims to speak truth to power, advocates for the principles of anti-war and anti-imperialism, champions the plight of the working class and oppressed, and seeks to bring about a resurgence of societal solidarity that is an utmost prerequisite for social justice.

Ethical Journalism

We name as our adversaries the ruthless corporations and global ruling class which has hijacked the democratic process; the Military Industrial Complex that continues to perturb the prospects for peace in exchange for blood-soaked dollars and cents; the profiteering crooks who pollute our environment, privatize the public commons, and robs people of their health, dignity, and rights; and finally, the propagandists in the corporate news media who have made themselves complicit in the decaying potentiality for social justice with their deliberate deception and manufacturing of consent. Furthermore, we shall be most unapologetic in our quest to liberate the media-deceived and propagandized masses from their deliberative and manufactured fog of ignorance from which their consent has been wholly fabricated through an echo chamber of obfuscation.

Challenging The Mainstream Narratives

Speaking With A Progressive Voice

Our station is socially, politically, and economically progressive and uninhibited by the corrupting influences that permeate the mainstream news media, which too-often serve as stenographers for the ruling establishment.

The purpose of our endeavor is premised upon a simple fact. Truth is the elixir from which the constructs of our physical and social realities are forged. These forged realities thus construct our perceptions and perspectives, which directly impact the decisions we make. This is why a truly independent and free press is an utmost necessity. Sadly, this crucial ingredient in the elixir of knowledge has been virtually excised by the corporate news conglomerates who now dominate every space upon which people come to know and understand the world. 

Truth has been diluted by a constant and deliberative stream of propagandized narratives and neoliberal perversions that pollute public perceptions and entrap the public in a vicious cycle of injustice. It is this means of manufacturing consent upon which the tangled trappings of social and environmental injustice, inequality, and endless campaigns of terror-induced warfare have been woven into the fabric of societal acceptability.

What We're About

Independent and Investigative Journalism

We feature progressive-minded radio programs that consist of truly independent and investigative journalism.

Radio For and By The People

We platform citizen journalists and progressive commentators who have unique perspectives in support of purposeful change.

Giving Voice To Nonprofits & Activists

We serve to amplify the voices of nonprofits & community activists who are on the front lines in the fight for social justice.

Distribution Partners

Broadcast With Us!

We’re seeking progressive-minded podcasters and on-air radio hosts who are passionate about progressive social justice and purposeful change.


Take your activism on-the air to further gain exposure for your cause.

Independent Journalists

Report on the news without the menace of censorship or content moderation.

Movement Leaders

Inspire others to take action and stand up against social and economic injustice.

Nonprofit Organizations

Share the stories from the front lines of change and expand your reach.




We're The Voice of change & Dissent

Giving A voice to social & Economic injustice is an entirely not-for-profit internet radio station that caters to a progressive-minded base of global listeners who are deeply passionate about social justice issues.

We endeavor to broadcast the global uprising against the social, economic, and environmental injustice that permeates our world and robs people of their potential and dignity. Our station is both by and for the people, serving to narrate the stories of a global citizenry in pursuit of purposeful and systemic social change.